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How To Display Your Books With These 20 Awesome Bookcase Ideas

How To Display Your Books With These 20 Awesome Bookcase Ideas TjjDQW

Bookcase ideas…
We’ve a lot of books
Some have been collected during study, some from book fairs and markets.

Some are treasured gifts.

All of them need a place to stay where we can see and find them whenever we fancy a good relaxing read.

Having recently moved house, we are surrounded by boxes and we know the heavy ones amongst them are full of yet more books.

It feels like a good time to finally have a sort through and put our best and favourite books on display.

Here’s some ideas that I found that are a bit more unusual than the heavy old style stock shelves normally found about in furniture stores.

The Perfect place to store and display your collections of literary treasures.

Round Wheel Bookshelf

Round bookcase made of lacquered white MDF and teak wood or zebrawood.
via Giotto

Fishbone Shelf

Metal and MDF shelves arranged in a herringbone style.
via Fishbone shelf

A Belt to Hold Up Your Books

A strip of wood held up by an old leather belt or two.
via A Belt to Hold Up Your Books

L Shelf

Modular laminated wood units that clip together without screws or nails to make a custom book unit.
via L Shelf

The Invisible Book Shelf

“This book shelf, which holds up to 15 pounds of books, screws directly into a wall stud and presto – you have an invisible book shelf! The maximum stack height is 16-Inches. All hardware is included so all you need is a screwdriver. The Conceal Book Shelf, which has already won design awards, is innovative, inspirational and imaginative.” (Designer: Miron Lior)
via Bored Panda

Teacups Shelves

This first original bookshelf idea features a graphical representation of four stacked teacups. This unique design has a huge impact in the environment thanks to the bright colors inside the cups but also for the storage space that varies from one cup to another.
via Homedit

Ying & Yang Bookshelf

A Ying and Yang Bookshelf to keep the balance between good and bad whilst looking great in your living room
via Top 33 Creative Bookshelves Designs – Homedit

Built Into The Stairs

2 Bookshelf Staircase 9aXKyg

Built in bookshelves that are part of the stair design and construction in this London pad.
Via Levitate

Booklovers Reading Chair

3 Luxury Library Chair CoZ7MhThis swanky armchair has bookshelves built in, now thats cool!
Via Etsy

 Built In Bookshelves With Backlighting

4 Creative Bookshelves WwfTapLooks like the wall has been cut open.
Via Tembolat

Frans Piano Bookshelves

Frans Piano aF4AgpAlways good to see a new use for stuff that normally ends up in a tip or landfil, Great imaginative use of an old grand piano past its prime.
Via Tumblr Frans Piano

Another Piano Bookcase

5 Piano Bookshelf PdNZZLAnother piano carcase on its side – where’s the piano graveyard?
Via Bored Panda 

Dr Who Tardis Bookshelves

6 Tardis Bookcase1 QNEaMu
Tardis bookcase2 4jvj5PExterminate, exterminate!
Via Bowties and Gingham


USA Map Bookshelves

7 USA Bookshelf S7IfFs
11 Map Bookshelf 0AuDWgLove to see other countries doing this.
Via Dwell

Big Picture Frame Bookcase

9 Framed Bookcase YDcCVCA bold statement Piece
Via Mark Tay Design

Bookworm Bookcase

10 Bookworm1 2o9eHlBookcase and reading station combined.
Bookworm Bookcase Via Caan Design

Steampunk Bookshelves

12 Steampunk Bookshelves jxf5uM
A pretty cool design using recycled plumbing fittings and wood
Via Everwood Studios

Corner Pipework Bookshelves

Corner-Industrial-Bookshelf wTG7VJAnother plumbing fittings design – just the pipework holding up the books here.
Via Stella Bleu Designs

Book Queue – What will I read Next?

14 Mab Rure Haveread Will read bookcase jkHTau
A book queue – what will i read next?
Via Meb Rure

Cat Friendly Bookshelves

cat bookshelf rbzqoF

Cats do like to see whats going on….
Via Bored Panda

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