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7 Step Recipe For Fragrant And Soothing Lavender And Calendular Soap

Fragrant Lavender and Calendular Soap Recipe


Here’s a great recipe that will make a single loaf mold of soothing Lavender and Calendula soap.

If you can make a cake then you can follow this recipe. Makes a great present too!


Ingredients and equipment

Step 1 – Gather All Your Equipment And Ingredients The You Need

3 l pot or plastic bucket
Old plastic ice cream container for mixing lye
Blender – stick blender or cake mixer – I’ve used both types and they work equally as well.
Safety glasses and rubber gloves
A baking thermometer is useful although not essential.
Soap Mold.

Ingredients – measure out the amounts carefully
Coconut Oil 230g (8.1oz)
Certified Organic Palm Oil 230g
Olive Oil 230g
Lavender Essential Oil 20 ml (0.67 fl oz)
Water 230g (7.7 Fl Oz) – Use spring or distilled water
Sodium Hydroxide granules 104g (3.6 Oz)
Calendula flower petals


Melt the oils together

Step 2 – Mix The Oils Together

Melt the oil solids (coconut and Palm oil) gently in a stainless steel pot and then add the olive oil.
Set aside to cool for about 20 Mins or until the temperature has reached 38 Deg C (100 Deg F)


mix the lye

Step 3 – Mix Up The Lye

Safety Glasses and gloves on and work in a well ventilated area.

Get the plastic ice cream container (or similar – I’ve used a glass bowl) and put the measured amount of cold water in it.

Add the sodium hydroxide carefully to the water and gently stir with a spatula until its dissolved. Set aside to cool to 38 Deg C like the oils.


Whisk till thick and creamy

Step 4 – Mix The Oils and Lye Together

Make sure you still have your safety glasses and gloves on.

Put the melted oil into the bucket and pour in the lye, stir with a spatulas for a few minutes, then whisk with the blender until it starts to thicken like cream.

This is called Saponification.

Scrape the sides of the bucket to make sure it all gets well mixed.


Lavendar oil

Step 5 – Add The Extra Ingredients

Add the essential oil and the flower petals.

Continue to mix until it gets to the consistence of thickened cream and mixture that is drizzled doesn’t sink in. This is called trace.


Pour into mold

Step 6 – Pour Into Your Prepared Mold

Pour the soap mix into the mold and cover with some kitchen paper and a towel to keep it warm.

leave for about 24 hrs until its is completely cold.


Cut Into blocks

Step 7 – Cut Into bars And Leave To Cure

When cool, wearing rubber gloves remove the set soap from the mold and cut it into bars with a cheese cutter or kitchen knife.

Set out the bars on a tray to cure for about 3 weeks before wrapping in paper ready for use.

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